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The end of American Exceptionalism

November 9, 2016

For years we non-Americans have tried to tell Americans that, no, the USA is not special; what goes wrong elsewhere in the world goes wrong in the USA too. All sorts of bigotry has always been part of US society, especially pervasive sexism and racism.

Dr. King tried to tell the USA about the check of the 13th Amendment that bounced. He got told not to rock the boat by white moderates (“Letter from a Birmingham jail”), and assassinated.

Black Lives Matter tried to point out the pervasive police violence based on colour. White moderates whined about protests being too confrontational, telling a black athlete that taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem before a game was ‘politicising sports’.

Women who tried to talk about the pervasive sexism in popular culture got death threats.

And when pointed this out, the white moderates either poo-pooed it, or said that despite all that, they still believed that ‘this great Country’ could be made to work. It was the very theme of the Democratic Convention.

That is, if they did not silence us by pointing out we did not live in the USA.

And then white USA went and elected Donald Trump.

Have you now finally woken up, my white US progressive compatriots? You’re not better; you’re not a Shining City on the Hill. By pretending, instead of fighting, you have thrown your black, female, non-straight and non-cis comrades under the bus, and now your chickens have come home to roost.

Your racist, misogynist, homo- and transphobe fellow citizens have done the closest thing to electing Hitler since 1933. The time to stop splitting hairs is past, the time has come to SHUT THE FUCK UP, listen to your threatened fellow citizens and RESIST.

Today, november 9th 2016, American Exceptionalism died, and any pretense at white moral superiority was buried. That at least, is a positive from Trump’s victory.

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